1.1 The users undertake:

not to use the supplied Services for any illegal activity or to send or receive messages that Fiberby reasonably consider to be illegal, offensive, indecent, obscene, threatening, malicious, defamatory, or which infringe intellectual property rights (including but not limited to name protection, copyright or rights related to domain names), nor allow others to use the provided services for such purposes

  • not to hinder / try to prevent or detect / try to intercept communications passing Fiberbys network
  • not to send messages or viruses that cause or are likely to cause damage to Fiberby or third parties
  • to use the provided services in accordance with applicable law
  • To follow all reasonable instructions from Fiberby regarding the use of Fiberbys network and / or the delivered Services
  • to reimburse and indemnify Fiberby all claims and expenses (including legal fees) caused by the Housing Association’s non-compliance with this Agreement
  • to debug within 5 days in order to remove viruses
  • not having open wireless networks, ie that users must have the code on their network, and that the code should not be publicly available
  • not to share Internet connection with other than household residents and any guests / visitors

1.2 ‘Spam’, Spamming and Mail Bombing

1.2.1 Users must not use the provided Services to send large amounts of e-mail that the recipients have not asked for (“spamming,” “unsolicited commercial email”, “unsolicited bulk email”). It is also not allowed to send large amounts of e-mail or e-mail with large attachments, if this is reasonably likely to annoy or harass the receiver (so-called “mail bombing”), or perform mass deployment to other than a separate discussion group (so-called “news bombing”).

1.3 Network Security

1.3.1 Users must not interfere or attempt to interfere with the security of Fiberbys network or prevent or attempt to prevent the operation of Fiberbys systems, networks, autentiseringsmetoder, servers or equipment. Users must not attempt to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network or account (so-called “cracking”). This includes the ability to access data that is not intended for users, log into a server where access is not authorized, or explore the security of other networks without permission. It is not allowed to attempt to access any account or data resource, if not belonging to users (so-called “spoofing”).

1.4 Cooperation with police

1.4.1 Fiberby cooperate with the police or other authorities on request. Fiberby reserves the right to access and disclose information to police in connection with alleged illegal activities going Fiberbys knowledge. Fiberby undertake to comply with the then-existing legislation, including Personal Data Act.